Holidays and Peanut Butter Toffee


In basic terms, a toffee is a candy made from sugar syrup that has been caramelized and mixed with a generous amount of butter.  The only tricky part is crystallization. It is a very common problem in making toffee.  This is where sugar clusters together and turns into a hard mass. It can be avoided though, and it has been perfected over the years.  Toffee is famous in lots of parts of the world, mostly in those places with large British residents. 

There is a lot of variation on the basic toffee, which bears a resemblance to butterscotch and similar candies in the same style.  A popular variation on toffee is made with peanut butter. The peanut toffee, along with other toffees, has been a holiday confection and a tradition to some people to have it during the cold weather.  It has long been associated with winter holiday as well as Halloween.  It may be because of its excessively buttery taste, loaded with crushed or chunky peanuts that people got hooked and can’t get enough of.  It has the perfect balance of saltiness and sweetness, it is rich and irresistible.  It can also be a Christmas candy and one that can be hung on a tree like the old Christmas candy cane.  It is possible because toffee is as foolproof as candy canes and as efficient too. 

Toffee is indeed a winter holiday favorite but as climate changes it doesn’t stop people from consuming it.  You can still make every day a toffee day.  You can start with peanut butter toffee to English or chocolate toffee and many other variants. You can even make it at home and look for recipes online.  I have tried making a peanut butter toffee on one occasion and the batch I made was eaten before the party even started.  They were that good.  Making it at home sure is easy, but buying it is quicker.